Engysol is your #1 choice for efficient and professional energy saving solutions

Our goal is to help you save and conserve in every aspect of your business and home


Welcome at Engysol NV – Solar Aruba, a local company that is specialized in solar and wind products. We can supply and install the products that you are looking for.


Solar systems will save you money: they might generate an interest of 28%, much more than when your money stays at the bank. Moreover, local banks support green energy and will approve your solar system as part of your mortgage.


There are many choices at this time as a lot of companies are producing solar panels. These panels may be well-known brand names or generics; there are quite a lot of different panels available, so it is hard to find the product that suits you best.


Products and services are vying for your business, but the question is who is trustworthy. That is why a reliable partner such as Engysol NV is important: we have already done the research for you and we shall advise you to find the best options with your specific location in mind.


We are at your service as long as your purchased product will last. We have installed more than 25 solar projects and around 2000 PV panels on Aruba since we started and we hope you will become our new client.


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Wind Aruba

The Kingspan wind turbines are ideal for residential and commercial applications, including the hospitality industry, agriculture, telecoms applications, small industrial units and mini wind farms.

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Solar Aruba

The sun has produced energy for billions of years. Solar energy is the sun’s rays (solar radiation) that reach the Earth.This energy can be converted into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity.

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Water Aruba

Water Energy is one of the oldest sources of energy. It was used thousands of years ago to turn a paddle wheel for purposes such as grinding grain. Hydropower Relies on the Water Cycle.

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Heating Aruba

Solar water heaters, also called solar domestic hot water systems can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use sunshine is free.

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